How to Extract the Audio From Video on All Platforms

Do you wish to keep the audio portion of a video? This can be done by removing the audio content from the video. There are a variety of third-party applications as well as built-in tools for the extraction process.

This article explains how you can extract the audio of a video for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and the web. Therefore, no matter what the platform you’re using We’ve got you covered.

1. How to Extract the Audio From a Video on Windows

One of the most efficient ways to extract audio out of the video on an Windows PC is to utilize VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player. While VLC is a free media player application, it has some hidden features that include conversion capabilities that are built-in to it.

You can make use of these methods for converting your videos into an audio format. We will demonstrate how to accomplish this:

  1. Start VLC Media Player, click Media to the right, then select Convert/Save .
  2. There’s a box that appears in front of you. Within this box select Add Add, and include the video you wish to extract the audio from. Then, hit Convert/Save.
  3. On the next screen on the screen, select the Audio format On the next screen, choose MP3 in the Profile dropdown menu. The video will be converted into an MP3 audio file However, you can choose another audio format you like.
  4. To modify more options to customize more options, click the wrench icon that is next to the profile.
  5. If you’re returned to the main window then select the Browse button on the right side of the destination file and select the folder where you want to store your music file to. Make sure you add .mp3 after your file’s name if you’ve selected for the MP3 format. VLC does not seem to be able to be able to do this automatically.
  6. Click Start And VLC will begin extracting the audio from the video. Then, VLC will begin extracting the audio from your.

Depending on the length the video the conversion process may take some time to complete.

2. How to Extract the Audio From a Video on a Mac

Based on the format you’d prefer to save your audio file, you can choose from the option of turning any video file into an audio file Mac. Mac.

Extract the Audio and Save It as M4A

It is possible to use your built-in QuickTime Player app on your Mac to convert your videos to audio file. But, you’re only restricted to the M4A file format for the files you create that isn’t an standard type of audio file.

If you’re happy with this, here’s how to extract the process:

  1. Start your video using QuickTime Player.
  2. Click the File menu, and then select Export As > Audio Only .
  3. Select a folder in which to save the resultant file. Click save.

If you’re worried about the file format, you could utilize an online program such as CloudConvert to swiftly convert M4A files into MP3 or AAC. However, if you’re looking remove the sound from your video , without needing to convert, you should think about the following method.

Extract the Audio and Save It in Various Formats

If you’re looking for different file formats for the final file, you can install an application from a third party like Smart Converter to convert it on your Mac. The app is free and offers many file formats to choose from , and it supports numerous video formats for inputs.

Here’s how to make use of this application to convert the videos you’ve made into an audio

  1. Installation of Smart Converter on your Mac. Smart Converter app on your Mac.
  2. Launch the app by dragging and dropping your video on the interface of the app.
  3. Click More and choose MP3 Audio for turning your video into an MP3 format. You are free to select another option for audio to convert your video into an MP3 file if you’d like.
  4. Select Convert and the program will begin extracting the audio from the video.
  5. After that then select „Show File to open the audio file within Finder.

3. How to Extract the Audio From a Video on an iPhone

Media Converter is a no-cost paid app which you can use to extract audio from videos on your iPhone. It’s fast and it supports a variety of formats for files.

It can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Start the app, then press (+ (plus) in the middle.
  2. Select the Photos Library Allow the app access to the storage on your phone, then select the video you wish to take the audio out of.
  3. Click on the video you want to play in the list, then select the option to extract audio.
  4. Select the format of the file from the Format dropdown. Set other options if you wish, and then tap Start Conversion .2 Images

4. How to Extract the Audio From a Video on Android

If you’re using Android On Android, you can utilize an app called the Free video to MP3 converter application to extract audio from the video files. You can choose from a variety of formats that you can choose from for the final file.

Here’s how to utilize the application:

  1. Open the app and tap Video to Audio.
  2. Allow the application to access your device’s storage.
  3. Choose the video you wish to remove the sound from.
  4. Choose the format of the audio from the Format dropdown menu, select one of the options from the Bit Rate menu and tap Convert to initiate the process of conversion.2 Images
  5. The app will let you know when the audio file is finished. Once it is ready you can click Play to play the audio file.
  6. To access the converted files later on Go to the main interface in the app then click Output and choose the Audio to Video option on the top menu.

5. How to Extract the Audio From a Video Online

If you’re not keen to install an application on your device, you could choose to use the online converter. There are numerous online tools that will assist you in this including the Online Audio Converter is just one of them.

This tool allows you to upload your video from different sources, which allows you to convert the video file into an audio file using many different formats.

If you’re up for it now, you can download only the audio of an audio file with this tool online:

  1. Visit this site Online Audio Converter site in your web browser.
  2. Select the Open Files button and then add the video to your file.
  3. Choose one of the formats for audio to download your file.
  4. Click Advanced settings If you’d like to set up additional options to your file.
  5. Then then, select Convert to convert you video to an audio format.

Video to Audio Conversion Made Easy

When you next encounter a video you just like the audio part of — let’s say, a podcast — you can apply one of the strategies we’ve discussed to transform your video into an audio only file. Due to the absence of videos, files that are only audio will be less large, which makes them much easier to share with your loved ones.